Any how this effort is  giving  a tremendous experience for all smart device users free and safe.This is the only way that you have to get your millions of free apps and games extremely for free.Using a third party app store may be a new experience for you.But our guide will manipulate you on this way very easily and confidentially .TutuApp is the best freeware to use on your smart device without imposing any restrictions.On other hand currently most of apps and games are available for credits.You have to pay for your most wanted apps and games on Google play store or Apple App store.This is a nut.I also seek a way to get my all apps and games for free.Finally I got the way that I can get all apps & games for free.TutuApp is very convenience to use on your device and can easily remove completely from your device too.Please keep reading and get the idea that what  should you do  to download and install this amazing app store on your device.

TutuApp VIP ?

Yes this application has a VIP version too.Not as same as in past currently VIP version available for very easy payment methods.Life time free method also available with this version.Once you pay this tiny amount,you will be able to get all apps and games for free lifetime.

TutuApp Regular Free?

This is the version that we searched on so far.TutuApp regular free version download and install required only your fast internet speed.You don’t need to provide user ID or password to download this version of this application.

How to download TutuApp Regular Free Version on Android

Please use the download button and go to our download page and tap on the TutuApp Android button.Then manipulate your finger tip to continue the process.

TutuApp Regular free download iOS

Follow the same way like Android.Finally Go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management and trust this enterprise on your device.Then you can use this application on your iPhone or iPad without restriction.